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22.84 BTC

170350 $



3.2 BCH

1164 $



256 LTC

15872 $



413 ETH

124110 $

Core information
Why Ice Rock Mining?

Do you want to be a part of the great history of crypto mining, crypto currency, and the largest and most unique mining farm in the world? Investing in our unique mining method is the best way to secure your name in it. One of the many great advantages we have by choosing to mine in the cold climate of the mountain area is that cooling, building costs, and power consumption will help us stay well within a tight budget.

Almost ZERO cooling costs
The cost per kWh is just $0.03
No need to worry about building expensive premises, such as hangars, etc
No rental fees
We manage the mining equipment ourselves
We mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin
Calculating your profit
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2 Years
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  • Crowdfunding
  • Team and consultants
  • Bounty

  •   Unsold tokens will be discarded (burned).
Road map

  • SEPTEMBER 25th - OCTOBER 1st

    Pre Sale

  • OCTOBER 9th - NOVEMBER 7th


    Main ICO Phase 1

  • NOVEMBER 13th - NOVEMBER 30th


    Engineering work begins, Buying of required equipment


    Official launch

    Equipment is started in the initial phase of the operation

  • 2018

  • JANUARY 25th, 2018

    First official report

    First report is published

  • FEBRUARY 1st, 2018


    Buying back of tokens at a price of $2 each.

  • FEBRUARY 20th, 2018

    Pre-Sale 2

    Beginning of Phase 2 of our Pre-Sale

  • March 20th, 2018

    ICO 2

    Main ICO Phase 2

  • MAY 1st, 2018


    Buying back of tokens at a price of $3 each.

  • MAY 25th, 2018


    Phase 2 of the token issuing process begins.

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Our team

Malik Murzashev

CEO Ice Rock Mining

Malik has extensive experience working in retail, software development, and online projects. He also founded the biggest and most popular Apple dealer in Kazakhstan. His more than five years of hands-on experience in the field of blockchain implementation are a valuable addition to the overall success of our project.


Mikhail Pluzhnikov

Technical Director of Ice Rock Mining

Mikhail has been working in software development, business development, and programming for more than 10 years. He also has a lot of experience in block projects, technical support for mining farms, and knows a lot about the mining farms and their physical infrastructure. The more than three years of experience in blockchain project implementation play a pivotal role in the successful development of Ice Rock Mining.


Dias Kurmanov

ICO Manager, Marketer of Ice Rock Mining

Dias brings more than 7 years of hands-on experience to the table in areas such as social media promotion and marketing. He's also conducted in excess of more than two hundred and ten training programs in sales and marketing. Dias is also co-owner of Media Agency, a certified Yandex and Google expert.


Ruslan Murzashev

Legal advisor Ice Rock Mining

Ruslan has worked for more than 15 years for several prestigious international law companies, including Kinstellar, Dentons, and McGuire Woods to name a few. His areas of interest and practice are wide and reach far in-between. To name a few they include financial law, subsoil use, information technology, and intellectual property. Ruslan is also an LLB at the Adilet School of Law (2002), and a graduate at the School of African and Oriental Studies at the University of London.


Ilzat Mamutov

Blockchain Geek

Ilzat is an expert in everything having to do with currency exchange and a very big fan of technology. He brings more than half a decade of experience as a Deloitte technical consultant to the table. Furthermore, he also has extensive experience in regards to the requirements of launching massive mines in the CIS.


Artem Kazanin

IT Specialist

Artem is a very thorough analyst and marketer with over three years of past experience in his field. He also mines Bitcoin for more than 5 years (2012).


Alibek Kaliev

Alibek has been involved in the corporate world (consulting) and banking for more than a decade. He worked with several major banks where he held important positions, including Capital Bank, Pozitiv Bank Group, HSBC, and RBS. Alibek holds an MBA in banking and occupies a top position in one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan, Capital Bank. Alibek is a valuable advisor for our project.


Yevgeny Ibragimov

Yevgeny is a partner for Aspire Legal LLP and has been working as an attorney for more than ten years. His skills and experience have made him the lawyer of choice in law firms such as NortonRoseFulbright, White and Case, and Dentons. Yevgeny's forte point lies in the area of corporate acquisitions and mergers. He also has a lot of experience with providing expert advice to banks, investment fund firms, national and international companies on issues such as electronic data protection, capital market and antitrust operations, PPP projects, and corporate consulting and structuring.

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About us
+How to see ROCK tokens in my wallet?

1. Enter MyEtherWallet
2. Go to View Wallet Info
3. Log in to your account 
4. Go to token balances -> Add custom coin
5. Type address: 0xdfBd6A960a55bCfCf59d5925351E05a51498BCeF
6. Token symbol: ROCK
7. Decimals: 0 (zero)
8. Click Save

+Considering that both investors and miners can buy tokens, what is the difference in terms of how they can spend it?

Investors hold their tokens or choose to sell them on the exchange once the buyback period kicks in. Miners can also sell their tokens, but only in exchange for a mining contract based on our Pricing plans. You can learn more about this in our white paper.

+Can you please offer more details on how the tokens will be distributed if the user opts for a two year contract? Will payouts be sent on a daily, monthly or maybe yearly basis? If the user places an XX amount of tokens in a contract for Bitcoin, what would an estimated payout amount look like in this case?

A payout will be initiated once you have at least $10 in your account or the equivalent in crypto currency.

+Do you have any limits in place when it comes to the buyback periods? I'd like to invest a sizable amount of money and I'd like to know exactly how the payout system works.

A buyback period will begin on February 1st 2018. The amount of tokens we can purchase may not exceed 80 percent of the cave's monthly profit. The buyback period will continue to the point where all investor tokens are purchased.

+What is the reason you've opted to use a buyback program?

According to our research on the matter, there are various investor groups involved in the project. As such, we have:
a) Investors who just want to mine a certain crypto currency at a lower cost than most.
b) Investors who wish to have a stake in the project.
c) People who simply want to purchase the tokens and sell it (for a profit) on the exchange.
Given the various interests of our investors, we decided to come up with mining options and a buyback program. We feel more comfortable having a buyback program, since it allows us to not only keep the equipment in the long run, but also make a bit of profit off of it.

+What currency are profits paid in?

You'll be paid in the currency specified in your mining contract.

+Will you send user profits directly to his wallet or pay him directly to his Ice Rock platform account?

Profits are sent to the user's personal wallet.

+When will the first batch of two-year contracts be available for purchase?

Once the mining process starts, two-year contracts will also become available. The launch is set to take place on December 20th.

+Can we choose the type of currency to mine or do we pool mine a wide range of currencies?

You are free to choose a contract for your preferred currency.

+What's the minimum funding amount required for the project launch? In the event the minimum amount is not funded, what's your policy in terms of refunds?

We require a minimum funding amount of $50,000. In case this reserve is not met, refunds will be provided based on the smart contract.

+Once the second round of funding is over, will there be any extra buyback periods? If the answer is no, then is it safe to assume that the only purpose of buying in round two is to purchase mining contracts?

Additional buyback periods will be available. However, the price paid per token will be lower.

+Where is Ice Rock located?

You can find our exact location by Googling the following coordinates: 43.879891, 76.326797

+How can I visit the headquarters?

For more information, be sure to contact us at

+Once the 2 year mining contract expires, what will happen to my ROCK tokens?

Once the two-year old contract expires, the ROCK tokens will be burned.

+In regards to the way tokens are allocated, what is Ice Rock's long term goal? Does the platform plan on recovering sold tokens in full through sold mining contracts and buybacks?

We plan on recovering sold tokens in full by using a buyback period. The rest shall be used for mining contracts.

Our Smart Contract System, which includes the software platform (i.e. the ETH Block Keyer) and the underlying software app, is still in its infancy and is yet to be proven. What this means is that there's no assurance or guarantee that the entire process of creating tokens will be free of errors or delays. There is a possibility the software may be vulnerable to errors, viruses or it may contain certain defects and other types of risks that may hamper or even lead to a full loss of token or ETH deposits. These are situations that ROCK may not foresee, but we work hard to reduce these risks and keep them close to 0. It's also important to mention that such risks may materialize as unforeseen combinations or changes that can be found in our ToS (Terms of Service). The sale of tokens is not intended for persons who are citizens or residents or reside in the United States of America and / or legal entities registered, registered or registered under the laws of the United States of America.
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