Let’s say, you want to invest $1000

Your profit depends on profitability of equipment which is calculated in the following way:

Cost of ASIC:$2,300

Hashrate:13500 GH/s

Basic unit, $ - 10

Hash rate by the basic unit, MH/s = hash rate / basic unit * price of ASIC. In this case it will be 13500/2300*10 = 58,7

Profitability per day for 1 ASIC,$ - 30

Profitability per day for the basic unit,$ = Profitability per day at 1 ASIC (30) * Hash rate at the basic unit / hash rate (13500)

Profitability per month for the basic unit, $ = Profitability at the basic unit * 30

Client’s profit (50% of profit),$ = Profitability per month for the basic unit * 0.5

In total, the whole formula looks like this:
client’s profit (50%) / your investment * basic unit((30 * 58.7 / 13500) * 30 * 0.5) * 1000/10 = 195.7 $ - profit in the first month.
From the second month is calculated according to the formula: ((30 * 58,7 / 13500) * 30 * 0,5) * (391,4 * 0,2) / 10 + 195,7 = 211,28 Where 0.2 is 20% on reinvestment.

Bitcoin mining is a highly volatile investment who's returns can vary drastically on a daily basis. Our calculations were made when Bitcoin price was $14,000 (USD). Other factors that cannot be accurately quantified such as network difficulty and hashrates will impact your returns. Neither we, nor anyone else, can guarantee returns, the above mentioned calculator is for information purposes only.

Please note that revenue is considered without consideration of bonuses. You can learn more about the calculator by following the link.

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Ice Rock Mining

Commercial Bitcoin Mining. Passive Income.
Creating a New Capital Market

ICO was finished
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Why Ice Rock Mining is the future of mining?

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What is Ice Rock?


How it works


Cave Features

Key advantages

Ice Rock Mining is here to bring bitcoin mining to the investment world. We believe bitcoin has a long and significant role in the new monetary system that is forming. Our goal is to raise capital and scale our mining business; we are currently in operation and already delivering returns to our investors. With Ice Rock, investors become our partners and share in the realization of profits, while assuring themselves a stable and passive income. Because of our efficiencies, we are able to operate on lower costs and thereby pass those savings on to our investors. With today’s hashrates, our ROI to investors is over 200% per year, and could increase if the price of bitcoin appreciates.
Ice Rock’s mining facility is located in a former soviet military bunker. It’s natural constant temperature is 12 celcius, this reduces power costs dramatically as we do not need to cool the facility. Moreover, our power costs are .03 cents per kilowatt hour, a very low cost of energy. We have no mortgage or rent to pay on our facility as it is owned free and clear by Ice Rock’s ceo, Malik Murzashev. These cost savings and other operational efficiencies ultimately result in lower fixed costs which enable us to increase investor ROI. Right now is an exciting time in the mining space, if you are bullish on bitcoin, mining provides you with a generous return and full upside exposure. For those who have considered starting their own mining operation, Ice Rock provides you with similar returns without the operational headache.
Ice Rock has a team of 12, ranging from programmers and developers to marketing and accounting. We are a committed group of people striving to provide our stakeholders with an attractive and stable investment in the blockchain space. We have an open communication policy with our investors and practice transparency in an industry plagued with lack of visibility. We see the profit potential of bitcoin and have the vision of providing a whole new class of investment opportunities
Our mine is located in a countryside village outside Almaty, Kazakhstan. Because we are located in what’s now an agricultural territory, our power costs are subsidized. Moreover, own several square meters of the land around us, providing for easy capacity to grow. With almost no cost to cool, subsidized power costs, and a debt free operating business, we can deploy investor capital efficiently.
There is a constant temperature of 12 degrees Celsius (53.6 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the whole year inside the cave. It makes crypto mining in such mountain very effective as there is no necessity of active GPU and ASICs’ cooling and construction of accompanying heavy fabrications. Due to location of the mountain in the countryside, our company has an agricultural subsidy for electricity which provides us an opportunity to receive one of the best electricity prices in the world. All of these abovementioned factors reduce the capital costs for cryptocurrency mining by 25 %, which makes us more efficient and economical.
• Operational and cost efficiencies mean more profits to the bottom line.
• A committed management team which values it’s investors.
• The formation of a new capital market wherein bitcoin could appreciate significantly in price.
• Good investments are a combination of timing and the correct deployment of capital, we offer both.
• Returns are paid monthly, 20% reinvestment plan ensures longevity beyond 2 years

Mining for Everyone

Operating Summary

50%Investor's profit share
20%Dividend Reinvestment by Ice Rock
20%Operating Costs and Maintenance
10%Ice Rock Management
Mining Profits (in btc)
ShapeShift convert from BTC to ETH using ShapeShift exchange service
Smart contract on Ethereum platform
Holder of ROCK2 tokens
Holder of ROCK2 tokens
Holder of ROCK2 tokens
Holder of ROCK2 tokens


No costs for active cooling

Ice Rock's mining facility maintains a constant temperature of 12c, an ideal environment for mining. Because we are naturally cooled, we do not have power costs for cooling, a major cost savings for our operation

Cheap Electricity

We have negotiated a secure cost of power with the Kazakhstan utility, enabling us to pay just 3 cents per Kilowatt hour increasing our efficiency and delivering more profits to our investors.

No rent

Our mining facility is owned free and clear by our ceo, Malik Murzashev. The property has been delivered into Ice Rock as a free asset with no rent or mortgage payments. This significantly reduces our cost and allows for higher returns.

Advisor Team

We have built an ICO Advisory team that is highly entrepreneurial and understands the benefit of mining. Our ICO Advisors are offered a generous compensation package to help us grow our investor base, most investors become advisors. This structure allows us to scale our business without incurring higher costs. We gain economies of scale without high capital outlays. We are efficient in all aspects of our operation.

Lifetime profit

Because of our dividend distribution of 20%, we are able to compound returns and reinvest that money into new ASIC miners, our investors continue to hold ownership in those new mines and thereby see continued returns for years.

An opportunity to gain multiples of your investment

A new capital markets means the old rules don’t apply. Where else are you able to see these types of returns? And if you believe in the blockchain and bitcoin, mining bitcoin becomes the best form of wealth accumulation available today.

Your Returns


Your investment


You receive



Monthly income

Payback period:

ROI per year:
Returns on investment

Income for 3 years:
The calculation is shown as an example for 3 years. Please note that you have a LIFETIME contract.

Start investing

How is income calculated?

Referral program

Do you want to earn more? INVITE your friends and GET 5% from their investments. You can make real profit without investments. JUST register, share and make profit!

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Main ICO


21.03 - 03.04


04.04 - 17.04


18.04 - 01.05


02.05 - 15.05


16.05 - 25.05

ICO Details


Beginning of private pre-sale


End of private pre-sale


Pre-sale beginning


Pre-sale end

Beginning of main token offer (Main ICO)


End of basic token offer (Basic ICO)


The first portion of tokens release date


(Crypto)Exchange entry

20 mln ROCK 2 tokens will be released

$1 the price of one token at the time of release

We accept



Our team


Malik Murzashev

10 years of work in the US and Kazakhstan in IT, software and retail development. The owner of the largest Apple dealer in Kazakhstan. 5 years experience in the field of blockchain.

Technical Director

Mikhail Pluzhnikov

10 years in the field of business development, software development, blockchain projects, the founder of the mining farming, 3 years in the implementation of blockchain projects.

ICO Manager, Marketer

Dias Kurmanov

7 years in the field of SMM. He carried out more than 210 trainings in the field of marketing and sales. Co-owner of media agency. The blockchain-enthusiast.

Blockchain Geek

Ilzat Mamutov

The blockchain-geek, mines crypto currency for more than 5 years. Has extensive experience in launching large mining mines

IT Specialist

Artem Kazanin

More than 3 years of experience in IT company in Kazakhstan on the position of marketer and analyst. Bitcoin miner since 2012.

PR manager

Vadim Suleimanov

PR manager of Ice Rock Mining. 5 years of experience in Marketing and PR management. Blockchain enthusiast.

Support team member

Haydar Ozturk

I studied Chemistry at Ege University and English translation at Kavram MYO. I have worked as a Chemical technician, English - Turkish translator in my past. I believe in self-education and trying to learn Object Oriented Programming.(Python, Java).

Support team member

Ugur Gultepe

I have worked as a English - Turkish translator in my past. Also worked as a Financial Analyst, Software Developer, Blockchain Expert, Social Media Specialist. I believe in self-education Programming.(C++, Java).

Support team member

Albert Myltsev

9 years in the field of security. Organization of physical and technical security services in large trade enterprises. In the crypto world since 2015.


Alibek Kaliev

More than 11 years of banking and corporate consulting. He worked in banks as RBS, HSBC, Pozitiv Bank Group, Capital Bank. Has an MBA degree in banking.

Yevgeny Ibragimov

Partner of LLP "Aspire Legal". Senior lawyer EY, has 10 years of experience in international law firms (Dentons, White & Case, NortonRoseFulbright).

guaranteed income

Distribution of investments

Equipment - 87%

Marketing - 5%

Team - 5%

Bounty - 3%


25.09.2017 - 07.11.2017

Pre sale

Carrying out an early sale of ROCK tokens and the primary ICO of the first phase. Preparation of the cave for installation. Flooring with special antistatic material.

13.11.2017 - 23.12.2017

The main phase of the ICO

Electrical work. Initial launch of the miners, analysis of the hashrates of the Ice Rock farm. The start of sales of two-year mining contracts, the launch of the first payments to investors of the first phase.

05.01.2018 - 01.02.2018

Payments to investors

The first payments on mining contracts! First profits of investors Ice Rock Mining! Floating stock exchange, making contracts with other exchanges with the support of ERC-20.

20.01 - 20.03


Analysis of the market of miners. Search for analogues of Bitminer. Conclusion of contracts for the wholesale supply of the latest mining equipment

20.03 - 25.05

Main ICO

Increase in the power of transformers, preparation for the installation of shelves and relay protection. Purchase of miners. Relay protection installation. Floating of the stock market

1.07 - 10.07

Starting of the farm

Completion of installation. Running the miners, checking all the elements. Alpha testing. Publication of the total capacity of the entire Ice Rock farm. Running Dashboard Ice Rock. Start MINING!




Where do I need to store ROCK2 tokens in order to get monthly profits from mining? Can I store them on MyEtherWallet or on your website? How often are you going to pay bitcoins to investors, weekly, monthly?

Myetherwallet is one of the best! We are going to pay monthly. And the payouts will be provided in ETH through Smart Contract. We will convert BTC into ETH and make payments.

What currency do you accept to participate in your Pre-sale?

We accept BTC and ETH as a payment method.

Where do I write about collaboration?

Please write personally to me via email [email protected] We are opened for collaboration.

What is the minimum amount I should purchase in order to join?

Minimal is $ 100, Sir

Do you have a Soft cap?

We already passed Soft cap at the first stage of our ICO, so whatever will be contributed we are going to release project! Btw, we have private investors, so we are definitely will succeed.

What exchanges will you be on?

At this moment we are listed in etherdelta.com exchange. In future, we are going to be listed in big exchanges.

I just had a look at your site and using your calculator if I invest $1000.00 I will receive the ROI of 439% per year. That sounds unrealistic to me, if you take into account potential massive drops in the BTC price and difficulty increases, how can you offer such rewards?

1. BTC always drops and rises up 📉 📈 The question - do you believe in Bitcoin or not? In our case, we strongly believe in BTC BTC
2. Network difficulty is always the main question, but as you can see, the price is rising up even faster than network difficulty. That is why we are not home miners, we are going to rise our farms capacity till 5000 ASICs Antminer S9 in this stage.
3. ROI of 439% per year is easy to explain thanks to 20% monthly reinvestment which will increase the capacity of Ice Rock Mining farm. And we do not spend on cooling systems. That is why we are more profitable than other mining farms.

Could you explain me how the bonus system works during Private Pre-sale?

During the private pre-sale, we are giving 50% extra ROCK2 tokens. The Price of each ROCK2 token is $1. For ex.: you are investing $10 000. You should get 10 000 ROCK2 tokens. But during the private pre-sale, you will get 15 000 ROCK2.

Once the ICO is closed will your ROCK2 tokens be tradeable and if so where?

The price of ROCK2 on the free market will be very high because these tokens are the One Way ticket to Comfortable existence until the end of your Life. For now, we deal with etherdelta.com, later other big exchanges will list us.

Your payments are in ETH but you mine BTC is that correct? And if so, why not just payout in BTC?

Payouts will be provided in ETH because we will use Smart Contract based on Ethereum platform, (it can show how much ROCK2 tokens each backer has) so all we need is to convert mined BTC into ETH and put it on the smart contract address. It will make automatic payment according to our business plan.

What is the main idea of your project?

The main Idea is to expand our Ice Rock Mining Farm to the extra large project with the lifetime profit for our Backers.

Can you give me an example in dot point form please on how I will make money if I invest.

50% of the profit will be delivered to our ICO2 backers (holders of the ROCK2 token). Other 50% = 20% electricity and maintenance + 20% REINVESTMENT (buying NEW ASICS and fixing old ones) this part will help to serve and increase the capacity of Ice Rock. And your profit will increase every month + We get 10%

Has anyone from first ICO got paid?

We are paying according to mining contracts of First ICO to our backers.

As I understand your mining equipment is located inside the mountains? I think it is not really suitable conditions for equipment because of moisture or other problems?

It is working pretty good, because of the temperature. There is no dust and moisture. Please watch our videos on YouTube channel.

What miner you want to use?

ANTMINER S9, and we still looking for the better option. You may send us you commercial offers to [email protected] (email of our ICO manager).

What's your ROCK2 token do?

ROCK2 token is created to calculate the share of investment in ICO. It will help you to get mined currency via smart contract. It is based on Ethereum ERC20 protocol.

Do you have referral bonuses?

Yes, we have a referral program, you may register on our website and after registration, you will be able to get your referral link to get bonuses. You will get 5% from the investor who used your referral link.

Will you send user profits directly to his wallet or pay him directly to his Ice Rock platform account?

Profits are sent to the user's personal wallet.

How can I visit the headquarters?

For more information, be sure to contact us at [email protected]

Stay in touch